Friday, July 12, 2013

Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Dr. Richard Alan Miller:
Founded in Seattle in 1974 by Richard Alan Miller, OAK was relocated to southern Oregon in 1984. Crrently located in Grants Pass, OR OAK’s primary orientation is lecturing, writing, and research. Lecturing includes a number of diversified workshops and national speaking engagements, TV and radio. 
"This web site strives to become A HUB :: A focal point for those interested in SCIENCE... PHYSICS... META-PHYSICS... BIO-PHYSICS... ART... HEALTH AND MUCH MORE. You will find an amazing plethora of information on a wide spectrum of related subjects. We are constantly monitoring the Internet for recent developments in all areas of science so take advantage...and please contribute! After the sub-atomic level we ARE truly ALL CONNECTED!" 
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