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Ex of a Sociopath....... Still recovering.

Red Flags of Love Fraud

A letter from Donna Andersen, author of Red Flags of Love Fraud—10 signs you're dating a sociopath.

Dear Lovefraud reader,

If you're reading this page, it's probably because you are, or were, involved with someone whose behavior is simply unfathomable. You are shocked by this individual's capacity to lie, and lie convincingly. You are shaken by the individual's ability to say or do something so callous, so cruel, and then act like it never happened. You wonder, who, or what, is this person?

Red Flags of Love Fraud will help you figure out if you are dealing with a sociopath. But that's only the beginning of how this book will help you. If you already know that the person is disordered, the book will also explain how you were hooked by the predator, how to escape and how to protect yourself so that you are never victimized again.

I learned about sociopaths the hard way—by marrying one. That's why I launched in 2005—to warn the public about the social predators who live among us. Since then, I've communicated with thousands of other people—perhaps you—who have told me stories of their involvement with sociopaths. I also conducted two Internet surveys to gather hard data—each was completed by more than 1,300 Lovefraud readers. So this book, Red Flags of Love Fraud,transmits the collective wisdom of the entire Lovefraud community.

Here, chapter by chapter, is what you will learn in Red Flags of Love Fraud:

Chapter 1 — The Red Flags of Love Fraud

The top 10 warning signs that you're involved with a sociopath (page 14). Why sociopaths seem to be your soul mate (page 18). The one Red Flag that doesn't masquerade as a characteristic of a dream date (page 26). The one thing all sociopaths do to the extreme (page 27). The only physical indication that someone might be a sociopath (page 33).

Chapter 2 — What is a sociopath?

Why sociopaths are successful liars (page 47). The real reason why sociopaths enter into relationships (page 47). Why sociopaths may actually treat you well (page 48). What sociopaths really mean when they make a promise (page 53). The best indicator of sociopathy in women (page 57).

Chapter 3 — Sociopaths are everywhere

Why the problem of sociopaths in society is even worse than we think (page 70). Where to find sociopaths in the working world (page 81). Where sociopaths meet their targets (page 84). The real risk of online dating—it's not stolen identity (page 86). What really happens when you look for romance online (page 91).

Chapter 4 — Vulnerable to a sociopath

The sociopatic MO, or modus operandi (page 94). Traits that put women at risk—they're not what you think (page 101). The only three things sociopaths really want from romantic relationships (page 104).

Chapter 5 — The sociopathic seduction

The three strategies of sociopathic seduction (page 110). The biggest reason why the sociopath's deception is so painful (page 115). Why some sociopaths talk fluently about their feelings (page 116). What sociopaths mean when they say, "I love you" (page 120).

Chapter 6 — Sociopathic sex and bonding

Why sociopaths are hot in bed (page 128). Why there's no such thing as "just sex" (page 129). Why you can become addicted to a sociopath (page 134). Why some sociopaths withhold sex (page 140).

Chapter 7 — The reality of the relationship

Why people get stuck in relationships with sociopaths (page 152). Why sociopaths inundate you with phone calls, emails and text messages (page 157). What sociopaths really think about their romantic partners (page 158). How sociopaths isolate you (page 160). Why sociopaths want you to think you're losing your mind (page 162).

Chapter 8 — Escaping the sociopath

Why sociopaths can never really love you (page 176). Why it's dificult to break up with a sociopath (page 178). Why it's so hard to get over a sociopathic relationship (page 181). Why some sociopaths just won't let you go (page 183). Why sociopaths threaten suicide (page 186). How to end a relationship with a sociopath (page 193). How to break your addiction to a sociopath (page 196).

Chapter 9 — Protecting yourself from predators

Three steps to protecting yourself from sociopaths (page 202). Why people ignore their instincts about sociopaths (page 208). Why the sociopath's family may encourage the relationship (page 215). How to vet your new romantic partner (page 220).

What this book will do for you

I personally experienced the devastation of a sociopath. And I've collected 2,800 cases of other victims of sociopaths—many of their stories are far worse than mine. My fervent hope is to help you avoid these destructive involvements.Red Flags of Love Fraud will teach you the warning signs of a predator, so you can get out before you suffer too much damage.

But if you're already entangled, Red Flags of Love Fraud will help you understand how sociopaths operate, so you can see through their games and manipulation. And, this book will explain how you were drawn in, and give you the resources to protect yourself from them in the future.

I want you to clearly understand the nature of the social predator, so you can keep them out of your life. That's whatRed Flags of Love Fraud will do for you. Here's more information about the book:


Read the Introduction

Read Chapter 5 — The sociopathic seduction

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