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become the prayer — 7 tips for discovering your life's purpose.

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~ Artwork: I need a guide: Alex Benetel ~
~ Artwork: Alex Benetel ~

Hey, is your busy work creating a meaningful life?

An internal commentary of my own making…
Haven't you ever just had enough?
I crossed the line today.
The whole thing is fucked.
Can we get this over with? I have shit to do.
You're better than that.
Right, what's your story? Why are you wasting your life?
I'm just ah, figuring it out.
Are you a tortured soul?
Why are you crying?
Just go to sleep.

Intense Moments.

I was to blame. They were to blame. You were to blame. It's just the way it was/is. I did the best I could. They did the best they could. The storyline has faded yet the constriction in my body remains. An accumulation of stories, descriptive words, a collection of adjectives defining my self-identity assigned by other people and systems, instilled beliefs, decades of unquestioned patterns and habit. I've grown a hatred toward the limitations I can't seem to break and denying only magnifies.
How do I let go? How does one heal such scars? 

A lack of self-awareness is our most vicious poison, our most unforgiving warden.

How can I ever know if I'm on the right track? How can I ever see myself clearly if I'm constantly weighed down, distracted and foggy with my story lines? A narration that resides mostly in my inability to relax but to incessantly dive into blame assignments of the past or worries of the future?!
Me! Me! Me! I can't see around ME! Drive faster dammit! Get out-of-the-way!
I have existed with one foot in and one foot trying to step out for many years. I had a lot of excuses, worry and fear as to why I stayed on that train, so often tempted to just jump off at the next stop. There were benefits holding that ticket, but there was a lot more sacrifice.
Looking back and even now I don't feel it was ever about the "supposed" to anything but more of a, "Can I trust and answer the irrevocable, soothing, loving calling of ME?"
Then one day I jumped, or was I pushed? Either way, I now have both feet in the same place.
~ Artwork: Alexandra Cameron ~
~ Artwork: Alexandra Cameron ~


How do we stop living an unexamined or overly examined life to discover the treasures of purpose?

"In the absence pf presence there is there is only that repetitive mental noise and part of that mental noise is the story of me. It's the problematic story that is hoping that at some point in the future that it will no longer be problematic not realizing that what it calls 'future' has no actual existence." – Eckhart Tolle
#1 Is it possible to accept that the future is conceptual and has no actual existence? It is only a thought, worry and/or stress element in your head and so sweetly dictated by our Franklin Covey's, to-do lists, calendars and clocks. This also applies to the past. There is no such thing as the future or the past in the present moment. In the present moment, the past no longer exists nor does the unforeseen future. They did that to them. He did that to me. What if they do that to her? What if he does that to us? Is this real?
#2 Stop betraying yourself. Allow yourself or start to be open to changing, doing, saying and thinking things that feel right. Put yourself into positions where you can feel, sense and connect with your self-worth and stop doing things that constrict, restrict and disconnect you from who you are. Allow yourself to feel valued without having to seek external approval. Allow yourself to not feel psychically and unhealthily drained by what you do in life. Every choice, every action will either drain or deplete your spirit, so choose wisely and intuitively — and know WHO you are doing what you are doing for.
#3 Live life's ups and downs and don't waste a single minute. You, we and I are in a process of building and establishing a relationship with ourselves. There will be highs, lows, ups and downs. The map back to you may not be a straight line and the point of the composition isn't to get as quickly as you can to the end. You may discover that success isn't what you've been told it is. Don't miss the point — sing and dance while the music is playing. Don't wait until it's nearly the end.
#4 Do what you love to do. What is the one thing you feel qualified to teach other people right now? Don't judge it or over-think it. Start to do what you love more often, no matter how much the limiting aspect of your mind screams: Arbitrary! Stop making excuses and share it with people every chance you get.
#5 Recognize how you change and what has been revealed as a result of your efforts. Plus one, minus one. Two steps forward, one step back. Notice your resistance, your broken record and repetitive patterns that take you back and back and back. Keep inviting the possibility of creating space around thoughts and beliefs that make you feel restricted (relax your inner organs). Softly and gently surrender to the wisdom of who and what you are.

#6 Set an intention. Be aware of what you are doing, saying, thinking and feeling. As we practice becoming more and more present, it can be easy to zone out even when involved in activities we perceive to invite us to become more awake. Surrendering to the present moment and having an open-mind is not the same as switching our attention to the incessant nonsensical chatter of autopilot even during say, meditation with the excuse of "I just don't feel like it today" or "I don't want to go there right now." Set the intention to be real and to relax. Set the intention to be honest. Set the intention to be kind to yourself. Set the intention to be more mindful. Through the process of intention setting, the things you cannot control may just manifest into a beautiful you-affirming conspiracy.

You are not just a result of the effect. You are the cause.
#7 Answer your own prayers. Work and do in the direction of your prayers. Prayer is not a substitute for work and work is not substitute for your prayers. They go hand-in-hand. You are the voice of the prayer and you can be the answer. Your prayers represent a need only you can meet and discover and chances are, nothing will conspire until you start to walk the path of your prayer.

(Oh, you don't pray? Well, do you dream, wish or hope? There you go. Don't try to get out of this one.)
It's your path to walk. It's all up to you. You are the one. You represent possibilities. You are the creator of your life.

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