Sunday, August 03, 2014

I’m being forced to flee.

I'm being forced to flee.
It's and end game, perpetrated by death - theirs or mine.
I am the only one
to know what is going on in the household
to know who is…or where or how much.
answer every call x 24 hrs
keep house entirely, no assistance.
keep yards entirely, no assistance.
includes dump runs, trash, recycles,
gutters, sweeping, driveway, windows, fireplace, shed, gardens, groceries, grilling, raking,..shovel snow...
I work, in some capacity all the time.
24x7= Cinderella duty,
especially as this will never be my home.
I am the guest, doing right, or doing wrong as the case may be.
It's over, the lies are uncovered, the smugness reveals deceit perpetrated over her whole life and mine and his…
Now it's her turn to break out the wish list and turn towards her own private sunset.
Leaving me in the dust, if I'm still here.
FUCK me.

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