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Underground Building L

Underground Building Links

Underground Building Links


Davis Caves Construction: This company has been building earth-sheltered homes since 1977. It offers general information on earth-sheltered construction, the current issue of "Earth Sheltered News," construction photos and descriptions, and an FAQ page.

Earth Homes Now: This site presents a broad overview of various types of earth homes, including earth berm, earth sheltered, and underground.

Earth House: Focusing primarily on residential properties, this site contains a broad range of information including listings of homes for sale.

Earthlog Equity Group: This company has been designing and building earth-sheltered homes throughout the United States and Canada since 1989, and their web site has lots of information about earth sheltering, including home plans, photos, pricing, and financing information.

Earth Sheltered Technology, Inc: This site offers information, plan drawings, and photographs of earth-sheltered homes, including cost estimates for building various designs in the District of Columbia and each state of the USA.

First American Merchant Funding: offers construction financing.

Formworks Building, Inc.: Dale Pearcey, founder of Formworks, has been building "affordable, beautiful, disaster-proof" NestEgg homes underground since the 1970s.

Geodesic Earthworks: offers kits for building earth-sheltered homes based on the geodesic dome concept.

Gerald Fitzpatrick's ongoing renovation of an Atlas F missile base in Champlain, New York.

Hardened Structures: Complete design/build services for all types of underground structures and shelters, including homes. Request a quote.

Malcolm Wells: Meet the guru of underground architecture in the United States. He may seem eccentric, but it's all tongue-in-cheek. All, that is, except the basic message. offers Green/Energy Efficient Mortgages for purchasing new or existing houses. This may be a way to finance an earth-sheltered home.

Our Cool House: This is a very informative site describing the construction and operation of an earth-sheltered house in Maryland. It uses passive solar heating and cooling, supplemented when necessary by a geothermal system. There's lots of great information here, plus links and references.

OurUndergroundHouse: This photo-filled and information-packed website documents the construction of the Lyle Ratzlaff family's gorgeous home.

Terra-Dome Corporation: This company, which calls itself "America's leader in earth-sheltered buildings since 1979," designs and builds modular underground structures with flat walls and shallow, arched ceilings.

Total Mortgage Services: A company representative says, "Total Mortgage is a leader in energy efficient mortgages and is big into sustainable living."

Underground Home Directory: View underground home designs and learn about the design and construction process at this site.

Underground Homes: Lots of information here on advantages, disadvantages, where to obtain plans, thoughts about financing, and more.

Underground Homes: Sample plans and construction photos from an Ohio architect who has been building underground houses since the 1970s. Much of the site's material looks dated, but the architect says he's still designing subsurface homes today.

US Radar: Innovators in ground-penetrating radar that can help analyze ground for underground construction suitability.


Beckham Creek Cave House: This photo-filled site showcases a palatial underground vacation getaway in rural Arkansas.

Dobson House Bed & Breakfast: If you're curious about life in an Earthship, try spending a night or two in a B&B suite just outside of Taos, New Mexico.

Several Earthships are available for nightly rental 15 minutes northwest of Taos, New Mexico. Compare rates, amenities, availability, and give sustainable living a try.

Fieldstone Suites offers an earth-sheltered residence for nightly rental in Ithaca, New York.

Jackson House Cave is a lovely place to try out earth-sheltered living. It is located in Alton, Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri.

Kenai Peninsula Suites in Homer, Alaska, offers several types of cabins including two underground units built by Formworks Building Inc.


Bacchus Caves:  This company creates extensive caverns for commercial wineries and even cozy amenities (such as a wine cellar, music studio, or elegant entertainment venue) for individuals.

Bunker Network: This site allows paid members to search for bunkers in their local area that have space available for emergency use or are available for purchase.

Cavern Technologies, located 125 feet underground in a former Kansas City limestone mine, offers consulting, colocation, and disaster recovery services.

DJB Architects: Award-winning underground buildings designed by David J. Bennett, FAIA, have showcased some innovative concepts in natural lighting.

Greenbrier Bunker: Take a virtual tour of the once-secret bunker built as a refuge for the U.S. Congress in case of a nuclear attack.

Hardened Structures: Complete design/build services for all types of underground  structures and shelters. Request a quote.

Hunt Midwest SubTropolis: This home page for one of the world's largest underground business complexes describes the advantages of its location in a former limestone mine. The site's photo tour gives a sense of the atmosphere 100 feet below the surface in this 400-acre industrial park.

Jacked Structures has developed innovative techniques for creating large underground structures using pre-cast concrete elements that are installed horizontally by use of jacking. The technique could be used for underground structures such as metro stations, underground caverns for parking, galleries, shopping malls, sports facilities, or storage.

Louisville Underground, another limestone mine transformed into a business/industrial park, is fine-tuning its mined-out space by recycling other people's excavation materials to bring ceiling heights to a desired 23 feet

Magorian Mine Services builds wine caves in California.

Moscone Center: Trade shows, conferences, and banquets take place practically unnoticed under street-level gardens and recreational venues in the heart of San Francisco. This site describes, verbally and visually, the original convention center, completed in 1981, and subsequent additions.

Space Center Independence: This site describes one of the largest underground industrial parks in the world: 4.4 million square feet of office, warehouse, and light-manufacturing space in a Missouri limestone mine.

Subterranea Britannica: Read about "man-made and man-used underground places" throughout the UK.

Twentieth Century Castles: Looking for an underground building for your business or your home? A former missile silo just might be the right place.

Underground Atlanta: Downtown Atlanta didn't start off being underground, but urban development placed it there.

Wabasha Street Caves: Take an entertaining tour, or book a special event, in a former speakeasy that is really underground in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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