Sunday, June 14, 2015




Over the course of the Conference, you will get to choose from 12 different workshops led by various experts on cooperation and intentional community. There is also an Open Space section of the weekend in which any participant can offer a workshop, activity or discussion on anything you please!

Confirmed workshops for 2014:

Building Co-operative Power – Michael Johnson, Ganas Community

Activism and Spirituality in Community (2 part workshop) – Koinonia Farm and The Farm Community, with moderator Laird Schaub

Anti-Oppression Work in Community – Karen Stupski, Heathcote Community

Ecological Footprinting on a Community Scale – Alyson Ewald, Red Earth Farms and Dancing Rabbit, Inc.

Consensus and Facilitation – Laird Schaub, Sandhill Farm and the Fellowship for Intentional Community

Panel discussion with the Federation of Egalitarian Communities

Radical Sharing Platforms – with representatives from Maker Spaces, Time Banks, online barter systems, and FEC communities, moderated by Laird Schaub

Urban Community Building – with members of The Midden and the Baltimore Free Farm

Personal and Interpersonal Skills – Debby Sugarman and Sarah Taub, Center for a New Culture


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