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EMF, Dirty Electricity, Wireless - Quick Guide on How to ... / Stetzerizer Products forum /

EMF, Dirty Electricity, Wireless - Quick Guide on How to ... / Stetzerizer Products forum /

You've heard of "EMF, ellectropollution, dirty electricity, or electrosmog." These are all names for the same thing: harmful man-made energy pollution - invisible but deadly radiation. What if I told you some people can feel these EMF (electromagnetic fields or frequencies)? What if I told you some people can hear them as buzzing or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)? What if I told you it affects us all and is one of if not the most significant pollutants out there? If you told me that 10 years ago, I would have been very surprised and skeptical. But it became my reality, and I discovered there are countless people like me.

I know you are committed to healthy living as a lifestyle. I'm a writer for NaturalNews, and my family and I take healthy choices very seriously - they are integrated into all aspects of our lives. I'm Shaun Kranish, The EMF Explorer, and this is my website and story. This isn't a marketing piece written by some stranger at an ad agency. This is my story - my life's work since 2008 - my discovery of dirty electricity, and in my own words something I know will help you.

I'm the father of two amazing girls and lucky husband to a wonderful wife. From a very young age, I started spending lots of time on computers. I learned to fix them, build them, play on them, and communicate on them. I had a rare gift for operating them which led to a successful career and business in IT. I've put more hours behind the computer than most people could ever imagine possible. It caught up to me. I began getting tired at random times - fatigued to the point I felt like I needed to lie down on the floor of my office. It was happening regularly - a few days a week. I was only 23.

My best friend told me about dirty electricity - harmful energy frequencies from computers, fluorescent lights, and all other common electronics. It lives on the wires in our walls going to outlets, cords, switches, and lights. He told me about a meter that measures it and filters that get rid of it. His natural-approach medical doctor had told him. I bought them, plugged the meter in, and it almost maxed-out! My office was horrible!! I plugged-in the filters and brought it way down - about 96%. I never got fatigued again. Whoa! There was something to this.

I began sharing with others, buying more meters, experimenting, researching and learning as much as I could. I mentored under Dave Stetzer, the leading researcher who co-developed the meter and filters with Dr. Martin Graham - professor from UC Berkeley. I also collaborated with leading measurement experts, EMF experts, and people like me all over the world. Dave Stetzer's Stetzerizer products have made a difference for countless people in many countries, and I was one of them.

This is a huge deal, because dirty electricity and EMF pollution is a major cause of illness/disease. Many illnesses go away when the environment is cleaned up, or the person is removed from the environment. Well-known doctors like Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola agree - EMF and energy is THE thing of the 21st century. The science - over 10,000 published studies - show it too.

OK - so you know it's a problem, but it seems so mysterious or confusing. Where to begin? What works and what doesn't?

THE GOOD NEWS - It's easier than you can imagine!!

I've spent the last 7 years figuring it all out and trying all the meters and products so you don't have to. I've chosen only what I like - the things work the best and easiest, and I now have them all available, along with what you need to know and how to use them.

I promise that you will make your home safer, whether you have children, other loved ones, or live on your own. We back up the Stetzerizer products with a 60-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee - and hardly anyone takes us up on that!!! The Stetzerizer products have 100% 5-star ratings, and our business has nearly the same --> see it here, and here. The reason is simple - we only sell the best and we work hard to treat every customer like we would want to be treated ourselves.

EMF comes in 4 types: dirty electricity, magnetic fields,
radiofrequency( RF), and electric fields.

Step 1:Get Clean with Stetzerizer Filters

The Stetzerizer products, featured in numerous peer-reviewed studies including in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, are the first step. The best bang for your buck - risk free trial - and most likely to get you feeling better. There are a few other things you should do to make your home (most important) and work safe. Over the years we have found the best response and feedback from our thousands and thousands of customers to be the Stetzerizer Filters.

You need roughly 1 filter per 100 square feet of living space, including basement. If you have a few extra or are a few short - don't worry - just Contact Us. You also need the Stetzerizer Meter, which Dave Stetzer is giving away (selling at less than cost). This meter is worth hundreds of dollars - it isALWAYS the first meter we tell our customers they need. It shows you exactly where you need filters, how many you need, and lets you test all of your devices and appliances, electronics and lighting! You can know right away which things are polluting all the wires in your home. Order them here now.

UPDATE: New Investigation Into Dirty Electricity Cancer Cluster School

Step 2: Dump the Wireless/RF Radiation

Next, we highly recommend getting rid of your wireless devices. This means your WiFi (router) and cordless phone systems. Even the World Health Organization has classified RF radiation as a Class 2B Possible Carcinogen. You can replace your wireless router with a Wired Router and your cordless phones with a Cleaner Cordless Phone though you're better off with corded phones as well. Do you use a cell phone? I don't know many people who don't. Get yourself one of our Air Tube Headsets and NEVER hold that phone to your head again.

I can't tell you how many customers have gotten relief after taking these simple steps. Waking in the middle of the night, headaches, dizziness, brain fog, ringing in the ears, memory and attention problems - these are all things that disappear when you clean up the dirty electricity and the wireless in your home. Many of our customers buy an RF meter - we highly recommend theGigahertz Solutions HF35C first for best measurement, or the Acousticom 2 for travel. These come in very handy - you wouldn't believe how many appliances have wireless transmitters that spew radiation constantly throughout the entire house - my new Samsung refrigerator was doing this!!! Wireless printers (even if you plug them in via USB or ethernet) are notorious offenders also.

I have to mention one of the worse culprits - "Smart Meters." These are new utility meters mainly for electricity, but also for water and gas too. Utility companies all over the world - with a big push and funding from governments - have been busily installing new electronic, computerized utility meters. Your old meters measured how much electricity you used in a month. The new meters measure in real time and also can look at the power signature of the devices in your home, which then are analyzed to get a pretty good idea ofWHAT you're doing. This is then sold to marketing companies, and also made available for snooping by "security" agencies. Kiss privacy goodbye if you have one of these "smart meters."

But the worse thing: they generate massive amounts of dirty electricity and RF radiation. Well, they have also burned down hundreds if not thousands of homes and killed men and women inside. But they are killing more people with the health effects of the electropollution they create. I've personally spoken with hundreds of people who have suffered and been made ill. The best solution is clear: you need to get that thing off your house if you have one! So-called "smart meters" are hands-down the number one complaint we receive - many, many times more than any other device or appliance in the home. I've spoken to people whose family members died from these meters - one with a pacemaker died within 2 weeks while her sister also had a massive heart attack in the same time period. Read more here to rid yourself of these health annihilators.

Step 3: Measure for Magnetic Fields

These are easy to measure and usually not too hard to get rid of. Use the TriField Meter for this. Check every room, turn appliances/electronics on, check along the walls down low and near outlets. See if any fields are coming out into the room. This is a sign of wiring issues - also called "net current" and is caused by shared neutrals or multi-wire branch circuits, and ganged neutrals. An electrician can help you fix these. Also check your plumbing pipe where it comes into the house. If it is metal, there is a very good chance it has electrical current on it. This current can cause large magnetic fields that go through the whole house - I had this in my own home - it's very common. It's also easy to fix - check out this video I made.

Step 4: Live Healthier and Safer in a Calmer, More Healing Environment!

Christine, Robert, and I can help you with your order. We can help guide you with what to get and give you help (there is also so much available on the website) and excellent support with all the products

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