The Top Four Videos that are Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind!

The Quest to Immortality

The Quest to Immortality is like no video you have ever seen before. Core talks about hyper-space, unlocking atomic consciousness and the pathway to the Gods.


Can the Power of Your Breath Activate Your Body and Mind?

The One Breath

The G-Breath has Now Upgraded to the One Breath! This is a powerful Gamma Boosting Breathing Sequence.

The Power of Breath

The value of breath can be quickly understand by comparing it to the other primary mechanisms that the human body requires to sustain life such as food and water.

Human Potential, Immortality, Higher Consciousness and Multi-Dimensional Exploration all begin with Energy Healing.

My Body is The Temple

Learn what the Laws of the Body are, about our abilities to create outside the laws of time & space, the power of creation within our bodies, higher senses and more.

The Two Stages of Waking Up

Learn the difference behind the rules of man and the laws of nature. Understand how to evolve the waking up process from the first stage to the second stage.