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Edward Tufte: Courses

Edward Tufte: Courses
A course I have always wanted to take, tell me if you know anything about it!

Edward Tufte: Courses

A new, widely-adopted method for presentations:
meetings are smarter, more effective, 20% shorter.
Fundamental design strategies for all information
displays: sentences, tables, diagrams, maps, charts,
images, video, data visualizations, and randomized
displays for making graphical statistical inferences.
New ideas on spectatorship, consuming reports.
How to assess the credibility of a presentation
and its presenter, how to detect cherry-picking,
how to reason about alternative explanations.
Standards of comparison for workaday and for cutting
edge visualizations. How to identify excellent
information architectures and use them as models and
comparison sets for your own work and for the work
of your contractors. Monitoring the designs of others.
The future of information displays: 4K, 6K, 8K video
maps moving in time.
Practical examples are from everywhere: science, social
science, music, business, finance, sports, art, medicine,
architecture, NASA, government reports.
The entire course is taught by Edward Tufte.
The fee for the one-day course is $420 per person. This fee includes all four books, Visual Explanations, Envisioning Information, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, and Beautiful Evidence. Groups of 10 or more, registering simultaneously, receive a 20% discount.
For full-time teaching faculty, students, postdocs, the fee is $220. To register, follow the instructions online and document your status with the following information:
(1) Image of your current student, faculty, postdoc ID
(2) A direct phone number of a registrar or department office that can verify your status, or a direct link to an institutional website that shows your position.
There are no other discounts.
Graphics Press federal tax ID number: 06-1637582
Hours for the course
The one-day course meets from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Registration begins at 8:45 am. Lunch is on your own.
Dress is informal.
Call 800 822-2454 or 203 250-7007 between 9.00 am
and 5.00 pm EST.

~A den Tex

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