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David DuByne is the Myanmar contact for U.S. Exim Advisors. Representing a Direct Lender for the U.S. EX-IM Bank with Private Market for Medium Term Loans and Trade Credit Insurance.

David can be reached at ddubyne (at) useximadvisors [dot] com

Additionally, David is a business development consultant for companies entering Myanmar & agricultural commodities export broker for green coffee, honey, farm raised fish out of Myanmar. 

He can be reached at ddubyne (at) oilseedcrops [dot] org

This site was designed by myself holding the vision of professionals, researchers and solution minded individuals discussing; which plant species grow best with the highest overall benefit for a geographical area in terms of food and bio-fuel production, along with other byproduct income streams and exports from all agro-based and aquaculture industries.

As the global population increases the need for exported food products also needs to be addressed. Countries that cannot produce enough food for their own citizens need to secure other sources during the new Grand Solar Minimum.

With Myanmar opening its economy and encouraging economic growth through exports, this puts our group in a unique position to cooperate with agricultural and aquaculture based industries in securing supply contracts along with traditional infrastructure and manufacturing industries needing new equipment and supplier sources outside Myanmar.

One size does not fit all in this energy process. Some plant species are suited for tropical, sub-tropical or temperate climates. Other challenges are inadequate infrastructure, remoteness in growing areas and different seasonal harvest times. was created, so project information and economic viability studies on bio-fuel plants that provide food, fuel and multiple revenue streams can be shared and talked about. Today's world works on pooled talent. 

Information suited for potential investors, sustainability minded and academic researchers will be continually updated for anyone to use.

Biofuels, grains, pulses and coffee are produced in many countries with varying quantities and at different production costs. Projects on different continents around the world prove that liquid bio fuels can provide essential energy in conjunction with a myriad of sale-able byproducts harvested during the plant growth cycle. Myanmar currently utilizes 50% of its arable land, which allows for considerable upward momentum in terms of export volumes. 

I have been consulting in the agriculture industry and securing supply contracts in the country since September 2012 and I clearly see the future of development in the country.

Contact someone in our office and feel free to drop us a line with a comment, question or suggestion on how we can make Myanmar's customer, industrial and economic bases work for you. 

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